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life is changing

hey guys, I'm here but I have less time because I have a few changing in my life...and not all is positive. but I try my best... on the last photo you can see my both baby, they got a feeling to be on the photo. have a good day. <3 ANI

dress: ZARA, boots: BUFFALO, necklace: ARMANI JEANS, clutch: MANGO, coat: ZARA, sunglasses: D&G


Austė said...

Hey, nice blog you have:)****
Visit mine:

Marie Martell said...

great outfit, love the dress and coat! Sorry you are going through things.. just remember they happen for a reason... Take care xoxo


ANI said...

hey girls! :) Marie thanks you are really nice! :) everything is happen for a reason and everything will be ok as soon as its possible... THANKS! Austé i will check your blog! :)

L'Iconoclaste said...

The last pic is lovely ! Gotta love the way he's sitting :D

Super outfit again, the coat looks fantastic !

ANI said...

:DDD thanks! i love her too, she is so lazy! :)

Hablemos Fashion said...

Great outft, you look amazing

ANI said...

thank you! :)