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stripes and peach

Followers and Visitors! You make my days happy! :)) Thank You!

blazer, trouser, boots, belt and bag: ZARA, blouse: from a small shop


Anonymous said...

Great outfit!!!
Is this blazer from new Spring/Summer collection?

Baby Budget Blog said...

Very chic! LOVE the braid and how you styled this outfit!!


Marie Martell said...

love the white and peach, great clutch!

ANI said...

thank You! :) the blazer is from last year...

Skinny said...

Lovely outfit- love your blazer!!!

Paris said...

Love the snakeskin clutch and nude coat, and of course the Louis Vuitton bag!
Glad I stumbled across your blog; check mine out so we can follow each other?



ANI said...

Thanks Girls! :)