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boring monday

blazer, jeans, and boots: ZARA, blouse: ETINCELLE couter, bag: KENNETH COLE


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, i'm now following, would you mind check out mine ? (:


Anonymous said...

I really like your outfits, they are always so polished and feminine. Just I noticed something: you don't seem so happy on the pictures. You may love writing this blog and it shows that you are enthusiastic about it as you are posting every day. Why not show that with your face expressions? Is this in connection with the change of your hair colour? I mean, when women change it, it reflects their inner state. What happened? I'd really like to read personal posts too about your feelings, days, so that we can really get to know you. Keep posting girl, you rock ;)

Marie Martell said...

Monday are always boring! but your blouse is very pretty! :)


Anonymous said...

This outfit is so adorable! I love the bag too, so cute xx