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blouse, pants, boots: ZARA, trench coat: BURBERRY, bag: LOUIS VUITTON, necklace: BIJOU BRIGITT, sunglasses: H&M

Today will be my first official job as a stylist! im so excited! pics come soon! have a wonderful weekend! :) <3 ANI


TinaS said...

Where did you get your job? How can you be so thin? I wanna look like you! :)

Marie Martell said...

Ani so happy for you! Good luck! You'll do wonderful! You have amazing style!

love this look, and your purse!


TinaS said...

Well, I guess it's genetic! I play volleyball every day and also go to gym (but I don't lift weight) and I rarely eat sweets! I don't know what's wrong, but I guess thank you for considering me good looking lol But I still think you are gorgeous and perfectly slim and want to look like you! :) ♥

Lotta said...

oh the pants are so cool! Love them

Baby Budget Blog said...

You look bad ass in these photos! Love the attitude you're giving the camera :) The sunspecs are great as are those floral pants!


Cassaela said...

Rocking those printed trousers! They look especially great with the bold necklace.
The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x